The word

APRIL 2024



  • miles (any pronouns)
  • based in london
  • eligible to work in the united kingdom, the united states, russia
  • fluent english, conversational spanish and russian
  • 3+ years of experience at studios like firesprite games and story juice


  • the adobe suite, particularly photoshop, illustrator, after effects, and XD
  • UX tools like figma, axure, and framer
  • game engines like unreal 5 and unity
  • 2D & 3D like procreate, maya, blender, zbrush, substance painter
  • agile production systems like jira and trello
A divider line styled to look as though it's been cut out of a newspaper

writing an about page is weird. my gut instinct is to tell you about the cool projects i've worked on or my years of experience or the small-time awards i've won, but i've got a cv and that feels kinda like sticking an unsubstantive shiny sticker on a product to tell you that someone somewhere you've never met has given it a vague stamp of approval.

here's what i would rather tell you:

i care about story telling and accessibility and kindness.

my biggest goal is to work on the kind of user interface that people bring up when they hear you're a ui artist -- the kind that people cosplay at conventions and write university dissertations analysing.

i use too many em-dashes.

at university i wrote a three thousand word essay on disco elysium's politics.

i know too much about espresso and tattoos and plants and piercings.

i helped kickstart the accessibility champions group on my last project and i was a member of firesprite's d&i group.

i want to write another three thousand word essay on why video games are a revolutionary medium that the industry has yet to realise the full potential of. above all, whether it's ui art or ux design, i always, always, always put the player first.

thank you for dropping by.